Home Additions & Extensions

In New York City, space is limited. Home additions and extensions are a better way to upsize your home without searching for a new home.

However, the extensions require well thought decisions on every aspect from materials, design, and the whole plan in order to give that sort after positive impact to your home. At General Contractor NYC, we specialize in general contracting services that help you make these home extensions.

Whether it’s a room, second story, master suite, kitchen or bathroom additions.

Room additions in NYC

Room additions may be required to accommodate a new member of the family without necessarily changing your home. Our team of experts will assess your space and give you the best design to accommodate the new additions.

Master suite additions

Bedroom designs considers many design factors. You may need to convert your bedroom to a master suite. This require extra care as new plumbing may be required. General Contractor NYC will help procure and install sinks, shower, bathtubs and any additions. For Apartments, certain additions may require permission from the property owner.

We consider each project separately and dedicate a team of professionals to ensure each aspect of the building process is coordinated on schedule with to quality standards. Each project is assigned a project executive, manager and supervisors.

You our client, will always be updated with the progress of your project. Regular meetings with the project team will keep you apprised to accommodate any ideas and ensure adherence to your project scope. Before design, General Contractor NYC assists our clients identify and prioritize the project’s goals and objectives.

  • Amazingly fast and efficient.
  • Readily available to help start projects on short notice.
  • We are NYC’s most reliable general contractors, punctual and always keep schedule.
  • Our professionals offer top-notch remodeling tips and design ideas to improve and align with your projects.
  • We provide outside-the-box general contractor solutions to your problems.
  • Our team is highly professional and works with very little oversight.
  • General Contractor NYC offers professional invoices and quotes.
  • We are licensed to operate in NYC and provide insurance coverage.
  • Our prices are affordable and adjustable to work with your budget