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Home additions can significantly enhance the value and functionality of your property while also being a wise investment. Whether you’re looking to add additional square footage to your home or create a space for a specific purpose, General Contractor NYC can connect you with reputable independent contractors specializing in home additions services in NYC. From modest expansions to larger-scale projects, our network of professionals can help you determine the most suitable type of addition for your unique requirements.

What happens during home additions?

A home addition is a project that adds space to your existing home. These additions can be undertaken in many ways, including building onto an existing part of the structure or converting an existing area into something new. The most common type of home addition includes an extra room or two on top of what you already have or adding a garage in the backyard. Other types include things like sunrooms and enclosed porches.

Home additions are often made for practical reasons—to add more bedrooms to accommodate growing children, to create more living space for guests when they visit, and to give yourself additional storage space for all those household items that don’t fit anywhere else in your house! In addition, if you’re looking at selling your house any time soon (or just want some upgrades before putting it up for sale), adding on will make it appear more significant than it is.

The Best Home Addition Services

The Independent home improvement service providers understand that adding a new bedroom or garage to your home is a significant investment, so they’ll ensure that your project is completed to the highest standard.

They are licensed and bonded and pride themselves on being a BBB-accredited business with a reputation for client satisfaction. If anything goes wrong with your project, they are committed to fixing it immediately.

These contractors will work with you to design, plan, and build a bedroom addition that meets your unique needs and preferences. When creating your new space, they consider your style, budget, and schedule.

They guarantee a stress-free home addition experience that will leave you with desired results.

They offer a wide range of options for our bedroom additions, including:

Bedroom Additions

Adding another room or two can significantly increase your living space without buying or selling your home. They specialize in creating functional and stylish spaces using high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Years of experience mean they can handle any size job, from adding an extra bedroom with a suite bathroom to an entire third-floor addition with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and even an office!

Basement Additions

Another popular option is adding to your existing basement or building one from scratch by excavating into the ground outside your house. This will allow you to have even more space for guests and family members and make it easier to entertain larger groups in comfort.

Kitchen Additions

This could be a good option if you live in a small house with little kitchen space and want more room for cooking or entertaining guests. Some homeowners even move their entire kitchen into the backyard if they have enough yard space! This might not be the best idea if you live in an urban area with little yard space available, but it could work well for rural homeowners with plenty of land surrounding their homes.

Decks and Pergola

Decks and pergolas are a great way to add value and functionality to your home. Decks are a popular addition because they provide a place for entertaining, relaxing, or just enjoying the view from the backyard. These professionals can build you a deck that fits your needs and budget. Pergolas offer shade, cover, and an attractive focal point for your backyard. Their pergolas are built using pressure-treated lumber for durability and longevity, and they also offer pergola kits for those who want to build their structure at home.

How long do home additions take?

Home additions vary in complexity, scope, and size. The more complex the project, the longer it will take. If you have a large addition that requires structural changes to your home, or your addiction will be fairly extensive, expect an extended timeframe to complete your project.

When adding on to an existing home, there are many factors that affect how long the process takes from start to finish:

  • Level of complexity
  • Number of people involved in the project (designers, architects)
  • Quantity of materials needed for the job (windows/doors/carpet etc.)

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