About Us

Founded by experienced contractor and serial entrepreneur Donny Zanger, General Contractor NYC mission is to help businesses and homeowners alike realize their vision for their dream renovation projects. Before founding GCNYC, Donny was in the general contracting space for almost fifteen years, ever since he finished college. Aside from contracting, Donny also founded several tech companies including some that were successfully bought. General Contractor NYC utilizes a referral network team has worked with some of the hottest names in New York City and beyond, including Prada, DKNY, Renwick Gallery, the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Leslie’s Fits, and many more. The independent general contractors in NYC referral network of builders takes pride in its uncompromising attention to detail – They make sure that every job we do is finished to perfection. No matter how big or small, They make it our priority to make sure that our clients are happy from start to finish.

Contact General Contractor NYC today to find out how we can turn your vision for your home or workplace into a reality. *Please note that General Contractor NYC utilizes a referral network of service providers and will dispatch your work order inquiry to an independent contractor to provide the quote and the work. Please see the disclaimer link in the footer section below.