Under Construction NYC

Once General Contractor NYC enters into contract with you, we provide the leadership throughout your project to successful completion. Our team will oversee the entire process, controlling the project timeline, scheduling, inspections, permits, budgets, and ensuring security and safety is adhered t.

For each project, a dedicated team lead by a project manager will keep you posted in scheduled meetings and project reports. This help focus on the project scope and maintain project timeline. General Contractor NYC values your privacy, with each renovation or remodeling project, work is kept between the project manager and the client.

Our project implementation phase is a unique, we guide you from your idea conception to the final deliverable.

Idea concept to project deliverables

We make your ideas into concepts that can be realized.

  • All permits necessarily in New York city for your project are applied for.
  • Materials are procured in a transparent quotation and process.
  • Project meetings are scheduled to update our clients on progress of the project.
  • Quality and cost control updated in our weekly reports to you.
  • A final inspection of the project to meet all project deliverables.
  • General Contractor NYC values your ideas and will work hand in hand with you. We help plan, coordinate, control and deliver a final product that is within your budget constraints, time, and of best quality standards.
  • As the New York’s prime general contractors, we always exceed our client’s expectations. We stand with you from pre-planning, the design, constructions and management of your projects.
  • Where need be, we award subcontractors based on competitive bidding process.
  • We develop the site logistics, safety and work plan for the entire project.

We consider each project separately and dedicate a team of professionals to ensure each aspect of the building process is coordinated on schedule with to quality standards. Each project is assigned a project executive, manager and supervisors.

You our client, will always be updated with the progress of your project. Regular meetings with the project team will keep you apprised to accommodate any ideas and ensure adherence to your project scope.