Post Construction NYC

There is nothing more satisfying that successful completion of your long-planned project. However, sometimes you may be left with more work to transition into your renovated or newly built space. General Contractor NYC does not stop at the end of the project, but works on to ensure a smooth transition and integration of your new space. Our post construction service gives a all-inclusive close-out for all project deliverables.

Our post construction services mark the beginning of long-term relationship, a hall-mark in our customer service. Knowing that we will still be here for you gives you confidence in our service.

General Contractor NYC has a designated Service team established to fulfill the needs of our post-construction clients. We offer;

  • Final site preparations and clean up- especially for exhibition openings
  • Move-in coordination for newly built space
  • As-built documentation
  • Post-project review
  • Final inspections
  • Turnover of equipment brochures and operating manuals
  • Cost reconciliation
  • Electronic project archive

Our highly skilled personnel are aware of the project scope, expectations and take part in development of project manuals with critical information for the maintenance of the property. Reach to us now to let us handle all your post construction issues.

We continue to provide you with knowledgeable leadership and support in the post construction phase. We understand that after months of hard work, and your project is complete, the new or renovated space is ready to be put to test. In New York City, we avail our general contractor service for post construction for smooth transition to you or facility team.

Quality general contractor in New York city

While our post construction services are for seamless transition, our adherence to quality began on day one!

Every step during our encounter, whether it was logistical, sub-contracting, or planning has high quality embedded in every process. This is key in to the post construction phase as surprises are eliminated and turnover is as effective as possible.

Our general contractor service in New York works to stipulate any issues in the post construction phase and works on them well before the final project day. The goal is for enhancing customer experience. We draft a turnover plan and even train you or your team on how to care and maintain the new or renovated space.